Public Administration Committee events

Saturday, March 10th from 9 AM – 4 PM

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Policy makers today continue to encounter new and evolving challenges both at home and abroad. With continuous change happening in both the domestic and international governance landscapes, Canada’s social and economic prosperity will depend on our governments’ approach to public policy.
The Canada Summit provides a forum where students, leading policy practitioners, thinkers and academics can come together, and through discourse, forge a path for Canada’s future.

In this ever-changing policy climate, with increasingly complex and cross-sectional challenges, it is important that young people are engaged in discussions around public policy.

Tickets are 20$

Saturday, March 10th from 9 AM – 4 PM






Saturday, November 25 at 9 AM – 5 PM

Professional development day is the opportunity to get ahead in the professional world and get your career in order. Come on out for the chance to make connections, learn of opportunities and get your professional portfolio in order.

Activities include resume and cover letter development workshops, many panelists and keynote speakers including Mayor Jim Watson, diplomats, ambassadors, members of parliament, public servants, entrepreneurs, lobbyists, and academics… The list goes on

Note for graduate and post-graduate students : LSAT information and discounted prep courses, as well as alumni such as PHD students will be present to help direct you!

This is also your chance for a free LinkedIn photo and… lunch and refreshments will be provided!


Tickets are 10$



Saturday, November 25 at 9 AM – 5 PM