Mentorship Program


AÉÉIPPSSA’s Mentorship Program is up and running for the 2017-2018 school year! After last year’s success with over 30 participants, the program is back and better than ever.

How does it work?

Through the Mentorship program, an upper-year student is matched with a first/second year student to help guide them through university life. Mentors/ mentees can choose one of 4 different categories (social, academic, bilingual, and professional) to participate in.

Matches will be made based on similar categories, interests, and/or programs. Mentors can answer university specific questions, take younger students to social events, introduce their mentee to a new language, or even help them with starting their professional career.

Will there be events?

Yes! There will be an initial mixer/ introductory event to get to know everyone better and more events throughout the year in which you can get to know your mentee/ the other participants better!

How do I take part as a Mentee?

Fill out this form :


What’s in it for you mentors?

This year, upper years who participate in a mentorship program have the opportunity to receive volunteer hours from the university for their time spent mentoring. These hours will be directly reflected in your transcript and can make you eligible for scholarships/ bursaries!

How to sign up as a mentor? 

Just send a quick email to with your full name and student number to confirm your interest. From there, you will get to fill out a survey all about you and your interests to help better match you with your mentee.
What are you waiting for?

“It’s like eHarmony…with smarter, better looking people…and no dating.”

– Ethan Elliot, former 4th Year Rep.