2017-18 Election Candidates

Voting days: Wednesday March 22nd and Thursday March 23rd from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the FSS Foyer.

Here are your official candidates for the IPPSSA Election 2017 and their platforms!

Iris Wong
William Hinse-MacCulloch

VP Internal
Helen Cassie
Jenna Shemmans
Anastasiia Cherygova
Bibi Hakim

VP Finance
Emily Lum
Ben Carriere

Taylor Sullivan
Dayle Harvey

Craig Mutter

Jake An

VP Social Anglo
Jessica Early

VP Social Franco
Rudolph Damas
Aidan Neil

VP Phil + Act.
April Cho
Alexis Vanier

3rd Year
Kareena D’Silva

4th year
Marcus Mattucci


William Hinse-MacCulloch

I am running to be President of IPPSSA on a single key plank: community.

Over the past year we’ve done tremendously well in improving our outreach. We’ve had the highest turnouts ever, and more first years are involved than ever before. However, there remain key areas of underrepresentation that need to be addressed, primarily among students who live at home.

We can improve the accessibility of our events through fairly simple programs such as rideshares and guest homes, allowing people who do not live on or near campus to eschew the worry about how to get home. By improving the accessibility of events we will be able to attract ever greater numbers which are more reflective of our on-paper student population.

We can also do a huge amount by strengthening our post-101 Week recruitment strategies. Currently we rely almost entirely on 101 Week and word of mouth in order to attract students to the association. With all due respect to 101 Week, there are significantly more first-years than there are available kits. We need to do more to get the word out to all students, whether this be through class presentations or other methods, so won’t be accidentally leaving people behind, particularly Francophones. Though I’m not here to be the Francophone candidate, I will fight tooth and nail to ensure they are fairly represented and that we finally break through the structural problems inhibiting their growth in the association.

I truly am in love with this association, and the fact that the culture we have built here means that even people who have switched out of the program or who were never in it to begin with choose to stay close with us demonstrates we are doing something right. It’s time to bring the jewels to the crowd.

Iris Wong

Iris Wong is in her third year of Political Science and Public Administration and has been an active member of IPPSSA since day one. Over the past three years, IPPSSA has been a prominent part of Iris’ university experience. From being elected First Year Representative to being elected and then re-elected as VP Social, she has been committed to the IPPSSA community.

She wants to represent IPPSSA as your next president. Her goal is to ensure that all students currently in IPPSSA and the ones that are joining the IPPSSA family in the fall will all have an unforgettable experience with the IPPSSA community.

The role of the president is to offer support for the executive and deal with all concerns IPPSSA students may have. Iris has fortunately had a lot of experience on the IPPSSA executive having been first year rep (2014-2015) and Vice President of Social affairs Anglophone (2015-2016, 2016-2017). She hopes to use the knowledge she gained to improve the overall experience for every student in IPPSSA. Some ideas she has are:

  • To follow up with executive members monthly to ensure that they have the support needed to achieve their goals
  • To post on the website the list of goals each executive has set for themselves
  • To ensure that all events related to IPPSSA students will be promoted on our social media
  • To build on the internship program setup by the previous administration
  • To alternate the official language in which executive meetings are held

On March 22nd and 23rd head to the FSS lobby and cast a vote for Iris Wong because there’s nothing wrong with voting WONG.

If you wish to contact Iris or find out more you can visit her Facebook page:


VP Internal

Helen Cassie

Hello! My name is Helen Cassie, and I am a first year political science student running to be YOUR Vice President of Internal Affairs for IPPSSA (The International, Political and Policy Studies Students Association). As a first year I promise to give my fresh perspective to the IPPSSA Executive, and I will listen to the good, the bad, and the ugly in order to have the voice of all students heard. With four years of student executive experience in high school, being on the IPPSSA Volunteer Committee and being on a campus political club’s membership committee – I believe I have the skills to keep IPPSSA organized and regulated for the 2017-2018 year.

The three pillars of my platform are:

Job Creation: As a First Year student who had the benefit of working on Parliament Hill this year, I know how impactful first hand experience can be. As your VP of Internal Affairs I would concentrate my efforts on creating jobs for our students through an Alumni Connection program, job fairs, job training (resume help an hour each week and social media training) and continuing the IPPSSA Jobs and Opportunities page.

Cohesive Connection: As your VP of Internal Affairs I will strive to create, and foster a stronger relationship with other faculties in Social Science, and beyond. To look more INTERNALLY, I would strive to connect the three degrees of Political Science, Public Administration and International Studies and Modern Languages together as they sometimes operate as three different faculties.

Accessible Executive: In my mandate I acknowledge that there are many different types of students, whether it be students with Minors in our faculty, CO-OP students, introverted students or extroverted students. Therefore, I promise to create events and channels to the IPPSSA Executive that foster a strong connection throughout our student body no matter what type of student you are.

Anastasiia Cherygova


  1. Provide a platform for dialogue for all the political and policy-related communities under the AÉÉIPPSSA umbrella (UOYL, UOCC, UOYNDP, MUNA etc.).
  2. Address the needs that these organizations may express should they fall under the AÉÉIPPSSA jurisdiction.
  3. Secure the effective communication between the Executive Board members to ensure the productive and efficient debate and achievement of results.
  4. Maintain and improve the conditions within the AÉÉIPPSSA office, making sure that there is always enough paper, stapling supplies etc.

Bibi Hakim

My name is Bibi Hakim, first year political science and public admin student running for the position VP Internal Affairs 2017-2018. I am a very active and involve with academics, community organizations also including AÉÉIPPSSA. I am an individual who is hard working, goal oriented and driven and seeks nothing but the best for those around me.  My skills and abilities include organization, interpersonal skills, prioritizing task and taking initiative. I am an energetic individual who is eager to help in any which way possible and will go above and beyond to find the resource to do so. I have had previous experience of this position with my former employer Toronto Police service – summer Youth in policing Initiative and as a Logistic Assistant for Forum for Young Canadians. My goals for AÉÉIPPSSA include creating more inclusive environment, networking events with professionals, political debates, social nights and engaging workshops. With this positon I would like to bring awareness to mental health – the office shouldn’t only be healthy physically but the office should also be mentally healthy. Ensuring bilingualism by creating the minutes in both official languages, ensuring that the AÉÉIPPSSA is equipped with the tools and resources needed so a positive environment for both execs and AÉÉIPPSSA members to ensure success. I aim to collaborate with both members and executives to provide successful events, maintaining order, providing and creating opportunities, encourage bilingualism and overall success.

Jenna Shemmans


– The Office will be properly organized in a manner where everyone will be able to easily access the files and supplies needed for tasks which they are completing

– Clear and effective meeting minutes. Accessible by all members of executive as a printed (or written) copy of meeting minutes for each week will be completed by the following week.

– Being knowledgable about all tasks being completed by all executive, and hold each accountable for their tasks and ensure that deadlines are remembered and meet through careful planning. Lending a hand to all AEEIPPSSA members to help them effectively achieve success and involvement in events and internships

– Continue having longer day office hours

– Ensure communication with other executive members are done effectively.

– Having a clear book for room booking to record each room booking who its for time and date so that all executive members can access the files and nothing forgotten.

Equity and Inclusion

– Maintain the open door policy, for the AEEIPPSSA office. Lend a helping hand and ear to all students associated with IPPSSA and help to the best of my ability.

– Ensure all members of AEEIPPSSA feel included and appreciated.

– Help eliminate any forms of bias in the IPPSSA office.

Stocked Supplies

– All supplies within the office are always stocked and provide with an adequate first aid and emergency snack section in the office


– Create strong bonds with all executive members so we can all work together to create an even better, inclusive, and equitable AEEIPPSSA! Great communication can be the difference between a good VP Internal and a bad one, and I would like to ensure that the relationships of the executive are based on mutual respect. If there are any disputes they will be handled with care.

VP Finance

Emily Lum

Hi everyone! My name is Emily Lum and I’m currently in my 2nd year of Political Science and Economics. It would be my honour to have the opportunity to represent you as VP Finance for AÉÉIPPSSA. With finances being such an important aspect of our day-to-day activities, it is only fair that everyone is satisfied with how their money is handled. As such, some of the pillars I hope to establish as VP Finance are:


  • Monthly reports (detailed enough to scrutinize) or infographics (easy to read) to help everyone understand where our money is going to
  • Increased communication between other federated bodies and SFUO
  • Being available to answer any questions or concerns regarding the finances of AÉÉIPPSSA


  • Making sure all financial information are accurate, unbiased and kept up to date
  • Ensuring audits are handed in on time
  • Implementing a zero-base budget system to assure funds are allocated properly such that there is no mismanagement of money


  • Transition into having more transactions be done online, ensuring that events run smoothly for executive, which will translate into better events for the student body
  • Revamp the payment system by offering easier payment options for students such as e-transfer and use of a Square card reader
  • By having a more efficient finance system in place, this provides us with further opportunities to get more sponsors for the future


Additionally, my experience handling budgets and generating financial reports through my current position as Treasurer of Tri Delta Sorority and Director of Finance for IVC will undoubtedly serve as an advantage in this position.  A priority of mine will be to thoroughly address the student body’s concerns.  By voting for me, you will be ensuring transparency, integrity and efficiency. I hope to count on your support on March 22 & 23.

Ben Carriere

I am a 3rd year Economics and Political Science Major and lover of soccer, ice cream, and trains.

I love this association, and It’s time for me to start giving back. While I started to do so this year as a 101 week guide, member of the Model Parliament Committee, and Leader of the HOOK Party of Canada, I believe that my talents and abilities would be best served in the role of VP Finance. I sincerely hope you agree. My platform:

  • Responsibility: It is your money, not mine. I will do my best to ensure that IPPSSA’s funds are always spent with you, the students, in mind, and I will not be afraid to say “no”. I am also interested in depositing any surplus or unspent funds into a short-term GIC or other investment vehicle at the end of the year. The interest accrued on a $5000 investment could in 6 months pay for a social event, completely “free”!
  • Transparency: Students deserve to know how their money is being spent. While posting the budget online this year was a good step, it is presented in a complicated spreadsheet that can be difficult to read. I will publish charts and graphs, along with a mid-term update, to ensure the accessibility and relevance of information available to IPPSSA students.
  • Participation: The VP Finance’s job description is fairly short. Submit audits. Manage the budget. I would like to be an active member of the executive that does more and makes myself a resource to others on financial matters. In addition, I am interested in working with the executive to implement a textbook exchange at the start of each semester. This would allow students to buy/sell used textbooks in a friendly environment, allowing us to all save (or make!) some money.

Thank you for your consideration.


Dayle Harvey

International Studies and Modern Language is one of the smallest programs on campus, a fact which too often results in our being overlooked. When asked we typically say we’re just a ‘branch of political studies’, ‘just international relations’, ‘just politics and languages’. None of this is true. EIL is an interdisciplinary program that allows us to study and attain full understandings of culture, history, languages, and politics. Leaving uottawa trilingual in addition to a degree in international studies proves a level of commitment that doesn’t deserve to be brushed off as “just” anything.

Now, I love to-do lists so this is my to do for you list:

  1. I will work with the faculty EIL council members to ensure students have a voice. We should be allowed the power to make changes and have our opinions heard within the faculty.
  2. I will maintain an open door policy and be available not only during office hours for help, but anytime you are questioning your program, or your career at the university, I hope to be available via facebook or in person to help you make a plan.
  3. I would like to have events for students to enjoy and make new friends at. Meeting people in our program can be hard, but it is pertinent to have support because these are the people who you will share most of your classes with.
  4. I intend to set up academic study groups that are language specific for each student in our program. Many of our students struggle with third language classes so this kind of group will be especially beneficial around exams.
  5. I hope to create an event specific to the interdisciplinary focus of EIL to allow for expanded networking and career opportunities.

Vote for me on March 21st for the Vice President EIL you deserve.

Taylor Sullivan

Hello, my name is Taylor Sullivan, I am in my second year of studies in International Studies and Modern Languages, and I am running for Vice President of academic affairs of International Studies and Modern Languages (VP EIL) of IPPSSA! I am organized, ambitious, and approachable! I am also so passionate about our program and helping students achieve the best experiences and opportunities possible. My main goal is to create an environment throughout the year for EIL students to thrive! This includes creating and organizing events that encompass all aspects of International Studies and Modern Languages. For example, culture fairs! In partnering with different campus clubs, EIL students will have the opportunity to experience the culture of the countries and groups of which we study. Since, EIL is a smaller program, it is really important that we make connections with each other. Therefore, I want to host EIL bonding activities; such as, Embassy tours and international film nights (with FOOD)! Finally, unlike political science (model parliament) and public administration (public policy conference), international studies and modern languages does not have an event that it is known for! My goal is to create an event that EIL and IPPSSA student can benefit from and that will continue to be useful and successful for EIL students today and in the future! This event will include panel discussions on international issues and the unique opportunity to speak with former EIL alumni who work in a multitude of different fields! Come out to the FSS lobby on March 22 and 23 to vote for me, Taylor Sullivan, for Vice President of Academic Affairs for International Studies and Modern Languages!!


Craig Mutter

I will be running for the position of Vice President of Academic Affairs for Political Science (VP POL) in the upcoming AEEIPPSSA election because I have a clear vision for next year and I believe that I have the work ethic, organizational skills, and leadership abilities necessary to turn that vision into something tangible and real.

If given the chance, I will work hard to build upon the success of this year’s Model Parliament. During my time as part of the Model Parliament Committee I both learned how to do things right and saw the areas in which we still need to improve. I believe this experience will assist me in ensuring that next year’s event is fun, engaging, and provides an opportunity for ALL students to get involved with AEEIPPSSA.

Beyond Model Parliament, I will work to fulfill the other duties of my role. The full extent of my efforts will go towards making next year’s US trip as memorable as this year’s, and I will provide a liaison between the students and the faculty on the issues that matter to them.

One final focus for me, if I am elected, will be to work to increase communication and cooperation within the executive. I want to set priorities in conjunction with the President. I want to engage my Model Parliament participants with the community with the aid of the VP Philanthropic. I want to work with the other Academics as well as the Year Reps to deliver on meaningful events and objectives like the IPPSSA Academic Journal.

There’s a lot that I want to do, but I need your help to do it.

On March 22 + 23, vote YES.

I thank you for your time and consideration,

Craig Mutter


Jake An

My campaign is about three very important things that must be ingrained in the work of the Public Administration Committee, they are:

Inclusion, Involvement, Engagement


I want to create a more inclusive environment that is more accessible to francophone and new students both within the PAP committee and in the events it holds.


I want to encourage greater involvement in Y-Politika in order to allow students the opportunity to publish their own work

I want students to be able to engage more fully with the public policy community outside of the classroom by connecting them to volunteer opportunities

Finally, I want to increase the opportunities presented to Public Administration students by creating a new program to engage them in meaningful volunteer opportunities in the policy field. By connecting students with the many opportunities available in Ottawa, we can enhance their university experience along with their resumés and professional networks. I intend to establish a resource for students to engage in political and non-governmental volunteer opportunities. From one-day volunteer opportunities at conferences in the regions to internship possibilities for students, I want to expand the academic and professional horizons for Public Administration students by connecting them with these unique and amazing opportunities.

In conclusion, I want to see a more inclusive PAP committee, both to francophone and new students, I want to create greater involvement for students in Y-Politika, and I want students to be able to engage fully in the opportunities that our university can offer!

VP Social Anglo

Jessica Early

My name is Jessica Early and I’m so excited to announce the start of my campaign to be IPPSSA’s VP Social Anglo for 2017-2018!

In case we haven’t had the chance to meet (yet), I’m in my first year of a joint political science & history degree. Over the past year, I’ve been trying to get as involved as I can with the uOttawa community, and was the IVC Sponsorship Director, co-founder of the Model Parliament party CLASS, and the Social Commissioner for the HSA.

While it’s true that I’m running unopposed, it’s still equally important for me to win YOUR vote. I’m running for VP Social because I honestly believe that I can continue to build and improve the IPPSSA legacy of social events. The IPPSSA community has been so welcoming towards me over the past year, and more than anything I want to be able to give that sense of involvement back to future students.

Essentially, I want to focus on maintaining the key events throughout the year that we’ve all grown to love, while also adding in more small-scale, monthly events. Examples of these include themed pub nights, joint events with other faculties, and board game or trivia nights.

I have BIG plans for IPPSSA student’s social lives next year, certainly too big for this 300-word blurb. To learn more about my platform, check out my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/VotezEarly/, where I’ll be releasing my thoughts on how to improve things like 101 Week, Masquerave, SSB, and the IVC.

I hope I can count on your support!

Jess Early


VP Social Franco

Rudolph Damas

Greetings fellow AÉÉIPPSSA students,

I am a first year student in political science and public administration. You’re probably thinking to yourself, “what a young fellow”, but don’t let my age fool you. I have quite a bit of experiences that demonstrate why I can be the perfect VP Social Franco. In the last five years, I created an event where my high school successfully broke a Guinness World Record, I brought back traditions that had died such as a school wide talent show and Oscar nights. At the same time, I was a Student Trustee and represented the voices of over 20 000 students all over Ottawa.  In addition, I was president of all the French student trustees in Ontario through managing the non-profit that represented them. I learned how to manage and prioritize effectively to reach predetermined goals and that a leader is really as strong as his/her team. I also worked closely with the VP socials (Francophone and Anglophone) through AÉÉIPPSSA’s volunteer comity. “la Francophonie” and keeping our events bilingual and accessible will be one of my main focuses as VP Social Franco next year. In terms of accessibility I will also be focusing on bringing out a greater first turnout at our events. In addition, I would like to create smaller scale social events between bigger events so that students continue developing the relationships they had already started building within the AÉÉPPSSA network (going to question period, film festival). Finally, as VP social I would work with outgoing first years and older students in equal parts to create the most memorable 101 week for guides and first years. After all, 101 week is also AÉÉIPPSSA’s first impression on students who will later come to events, run for exec in March or even join committees.

Aidan Neil

If elected as Vice President of Social Affaires (Francophone), I would bring together a comprehensive platform that fosters and encourages a bilingual environment that welcomes students to get involved in all activities, starting with the time-honoured 101 Week.

Having lived my entire life in Montréal, I aim to bring that distinct uniqueness and « laissez faire » philosophy to our amazing school and federated body. My goal is one that, while highlighting and promoting French language and culture, would see unification and collaboration between the two official languages of our university.

In terms of experience, I was part of the Jeux de la Science Politique 2017 team in Montreal. This delegation is the responsibility of the VP Social Franco and I already have experience.

101 Week is the optimal time to create and introduce cultures and bonds through the collaborative effort of all faculties. With the promotion of the French language in all activities, we will make Francophone students feel welcome and ensure that their voice is heard.

Events collaborated with other faculties are an exceptional way to meet new people and integrate other styles often not seen from one faculty to the next and eliminate social stigmas held against each other. This will be achieved by working diligently with my Anglophone counterpart to form a team that strives to unite students across campus.

Main points of action:

  • Integrating French lifestyle into events that will bring Anglophone students into the mix in order to promote an interchange of culture and pastimes
  • Budgeting accordingly in order to maximize the quality of events
  • Working towards an unforgettable 101 Week so that our future IPPSA leaders are engaged right off the bat
  • Organizing our receipts for accessibility and creating digital copies of all transactions.

VP Phil+Activism

April Cho

Given the mandate of the important position as Vice-President of Philanthropic and Activism, I would carry out its duties fully. This role is important to the structure of the club and the students it represents. I have three main goals for VP Philanthropy.

First, to create an events committee. Following the structure of other committees in AÉÉIPPSSA (The International, Political and Policy Studies Students Association), this group would allow for more efficient planning, resulting in more successful events. Having a structure like this in place would be the start of a new body in AÉÉIPPSSA. The VP Philanthropy would lead a team that would accomplish and achieve various goals and strengthen AÉÉIPPSSA as a whole.

Second, my goal is to remain involved in the local community, but also put extra focus on global issues. I, like many AÉÉIPPSSA students, are passionate about global affairs. In my mandate, I would encourage partnerships between AÉÉIPPSSA and organizations that allow for AÉÉIPPSSA students to get involved in causes all around the world.

Third, I want to create the “Humans of IPPSSA” a social media campaign. This will bring awareness to the ease and rewards of getting involved in charitable work, as well as the convenience in finding great volunteer opportunities. This will be a great way for AÉÉIPPSSA to showcase the great work of its students and encourage others to get involved. All three of these promises fit in with my goal of promoting an open and inclusive AÉÉIPPSSA that encourages students to get involved and helps others.

I am working hard to become your representative so we call all see AÉÉIPPSSA strive to become a better organization every day that keep the students it represents at the forefront of all decisions.

Alexis Vanier

Upon election, I plan to implement:

Student Voice and Involvement
Let students plan their fun events, favourite charities
Implementation of an open Google Docs forum for the recommendations of events upon election
Revamp the current IPPSSA Volunteer Committee to include a focus on philanthropic activism and initiatives

Organized Events
Online schedule of events at beginning of every semester (IPPSSA website, facebook)
Give students notice of events with an organized schedule
Planning of events in the summer months

Assortment of charities
Diversity of event partnerships with student associations and clubs on campus
Improved relations and event partnership with the executive including both socials

Inclusiveness and Bilingualism
Encouragement of bilingualism
Open lines of communication
Effective bilingual representation in the IPPSSA executive

3rd Year Rep

Kareena D’Silva

Hello! My name is Kareena D’silva, I’m currently a second year political science student in the French Immersion and Co-op streams and I’m running to be your third year representative. My platform will focus on ensuring students’ voices are heard and their demands met. As your direct link to the executive body I aim to provide a comfortable environment where the concerns of third year students can be answered and dealt with accordingly. The things I’d like to focus on most this upcoming school year are promoting accountability and engaging the community.

Promoting accountability: I’m looking to strengthen my commitment to you and to each other as many concerns the student body faces go unaddressed and could use the help from the executive. I promise to acknowledge these problems and actively work to find reasonable and long lasting solutions so we can tackle obstacles together. I also want to promote faculty events and volunteer opportunities through social media outlets to encourage all members of AÉÉIPPSSA to get involved and make an impact.

Engaging the community: There are many social and professional events that can be planned if enough interest is expressed by the student body. My goal is to create events that students would like to attend that would introduce them to other people in their faculty (pub/game nights), help them relieve stress (outdoor activities) or help them network with professionals (wine and cheese events). I would also offer mentoring for students who need help in any aspect of their lives, or if they’d prefer, recommend other campus resources they could benefit from. It’s important to note that working together can bring about the change we’d all like to see.

Thank you for taking the time to read my platform, it would be a privilege to represent you and I hope to see you at the debate: March 16th: 7pm and don’t forget to go out and vote March 22-23!

4th Year Rep

Marcus Mattuci

Why vote for me?

I want to expand the internship program, connecting UOttawa students with opportunities in Parliament, City Hall, and other public works areas. A foundation has been made, but I would like to see us doubling the amount of positions available to us.

I want to plan workshops with the university to discuss future schooling and employment opportunities. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • A session based on how to study for the LSAT (only applies to English faculty of Law)
  • A session based on the University of Ottawa Law school
  • A session based on Resume building
  • A session based on FSWEP and other government job profile creation
  • A session based on applying to Masters programs, as well as presenting the opportunities at the University of Ottawa.

I want to have networking events, to build relations and learn more about the sectors that interest students.

In terms of communication, I will create open channels for students to share ideas, comments, and concerns with not only myself, but the rest of the student body as well.

Thank you!