AÉÉIPPSSA Internship Program


The International, Political and Policy Studies Student Association (IPPSSA) at the University of Ottawa is proud to announce in partnership with the University of Ottawa Campus Conservatives and University of Ottawa New Democrats the launch of applications for the second consecutive year of the IPPSSA Internship Program. This program connects students with Members of Parliament, City Councillors, and Senators from all along the political spectrum.

Applications close December 1st


Each featured office offers a unique experience to students. Students have the opportunity to apply to be a volunteer intern for the Mayor, Federal Members of Parliament, Senators, Parliamentary Secretaries and Ottawa City Councillors. While each office is different students can expect exclusive access to the inner workings of the City of Ottawa and Parliament Hill. Please consult the profiles on each office to learn more about what each internship entails.

(past participating offices)


AÉÉIPPSSA, the association representing all students studying Political Science, Public Administration, general Social Sciences and International and Modern Languages Studies students at the University of Ottawa is looking to connect students with volunteer internships on Parliament Hill and at Ottawa City Hall. Our hope is we will be able to partner with Members of Parliament and Senators from across the country to give students an opportunity to get political work experience.


Application process


Fill out the online application form, uploading your questionnaire and your CV.

*Optional* attend AÉÉIPPSSA’s networking event on November 22nd.

Wait to be contacted if your application is selected or not!

Good luck!



(Application commences November 13th)


To foster a stronger connection between students studying political science at the University of Ottawa and careers in politics.


AÉÉIPPSSA will host a call out asking prospective interns to apply to a merit-based application centered on essay questions designed to gauge their ability, motivation, and desire to work in politics. The program aims to help students with no prior experience, so the quality of answers is weighed heavier than their resume and past experiences.

Upon conclusion of the application period, IPPSSA will then sort and list the applications by quality, doing our best to match prospective interns with offices, taking into consideration job descriptions, party affiliation, and any other requirements offices decide are necessary (example: Bilingualism). Once sorted we will send each participating office 3-5 applications and resumes for the office to review and select their intern.

At the conclusion of the internship, students will be asked to produce a report on what they learned and answer various questions about their experiences. These answers will be featured on the IPPSSA website and social media accounts and serve as promotion for future programs.

Our Partners

We are proud to partner with the University of Ottawa Campus Conservatives and the University of Ottawa New Democratic Party campus clubs to offer dozens of internships to our students. The campus clubs have been a tremendous support and vital to ensuring we can connect with as many political offices as possible. We encourage you to click on the links below and like their Facebook pages.

Testimonials of past students