AÉÉIPPSSA Internship Program-Offices

Thank you for your interest! It is always a pleasure to connect students with valuable and enriching experiences which could not be possible without the collaboration of political offices.

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Contact Matthew Don Trapp or Marcus Mattucci if your office wishes to be a part of our internship program. Contact information below:


Marcus Mattucci

Internship Director and AÉÉIPPSSA 4th Year Representative 

(647) 828-6491


Requirements of Offices

  • A brief job description and list of requirements for any potential intern, such as party affiliation, bilingualism, etc.
  • Consistent hours ranging from 5-15 per week.
  • A friendly work environment.
  • An opportunity for students to learn about the Municipal or Federal political system.
  • Provide feedback and keep us informed regarding the status of the internship and how it can be improved.
  • Be flexible regarding the student’s schedule which at times may be influenced by essays, projects and exams.
  • Provide feedback and keep us informed regarding the status of your internship. If the intern does not work out, which is unfortunately sometimes the case, you are under no obligation to keep them. We just ask that you keep our organization informed, so we can act accordingly.



  • Offices are under no obligation to keep an intern if they determine they are not adequately fulfilling their responsibilities. All we ask however is that you notify IPPSSA if issues arise. If possible, we would like to replace interns that are dismissed. This is because dozens of students apply and only a few students are fortunate enough to receive placements.
  • The tasks assigned to interns is up to the office. We ask that IPPSSA interns be treated like any other intern. To truly get an understanding of how the system works they must be given the same treatment.
  • Offices are free to retain interns after the program has ended. Last year 4 of the 14 interns received full-time paid employment after their internship concluded.
  • Applicants have been notified that they may be required to sign a confidentiality agreement to work in certain offices
  • Some applicants may not have political affiliations with any party and may be willing to work in any office. Some will want to only offices of a certain political party. Offices also have the ability to set restrictions. Just let us know ahead of time, and we can accommodate any request.