Elections 2018-2019

UNOFICIAL – Non-officiel

Résultats des élections de l’AÉÉIPPSSA Election Results

🌐President| Présidente
– Taylor Sullivan (Elected|Élue)
Yes/Oui 175
No/Non 10
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 6

🌐VP Internal | Vice-président aux affaires internes
– Dana-Kaye Matthews
Votes 81
– Christina Rideout (Elected|élue)
Votes 100
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 11

🌐VP Finance | Vice-président aux finances
– Emily Lum
Votes 64
– Jessica Early (Elected|Élue)
Votes 125
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 3

–Yanaminah Thullah (Elected|Élue)
Yes/Oui 16
No/Non 2
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 0

– Hannah Anstey
Votes 53
– Matthew Boulden (Elected|Élu)
Votes 114
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 0

–Amen Ben Ahmouda (Elected|Élue)
Yes/Oui 6
No/Non 0
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 0

🌐VP Social Anglo
– Helen Cassie (Elected|Élue)
Yes/Oui 164
No/Non 20
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 8

🌐V-p Sociales Franco
–Thomas Faustin (Elected|Élu)
Yes/Oui 172
No/Non 12
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 2

🌐VP Phil + Act.| V-p Phil et Act.
–Bibi Hakim (Elected|Élue)
Yes/Oui 130
No/Non 50
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 7

🌐Senior Year Representative | Représentant d’années supérieures
– Spencer Brickles (Elected|Élu)
Yes/Oui 111
No/Non 7
Spoiled / bulletins gâtés 1

Voter turnout : 198







It’s time to elect your executive committee for 2018-2019!



Voting days: Polls open on Thursday March 15th and Friday March 16th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the FSS Foyer.


Here are your official candidates for the AÉÉIPPSSA Election for 2018-2019 and their platforms!

– Taylor Sullivan

VP Internal
Dana-Kaye Matthews

– Christina Rideout

VP Finance
– Emily Lum
– Jessica Early

Yanaminah Thullah


Hannah Anstey
– Matthew Boulden

Amen Ben Ahmouda

VP Social Anglo
Helen Cassie

VP Social Franco

Thomas Faustin

VP Phil + Act.
Bibi Hakim

Senior Year Representative
Spencer Brickles



Taylor Sullivan

My name is Taylor Sullivan and I am running to be President of the International,
Political and Policy Studies Student Association. I have been involved with IPPSSA since my first year and I am confident that this experience will help me lead IPPSSA into a successful year! My main goals for 2018-2019 are: inclusivity, transparency and efficiency.
I believe we should facilitate a more accessible environment for francophone and
international students.
Apart from JDSP, French is treated as secondary at our events, and usually only used if
specifically requested. I will work collaboratively with the executive to increase Francophone accessibility at our events.
International students face struggles that domestic students do not, and as student representatives, the executive should be equipped to help. I will work with the International Office to ensure that international IPPSSA students feel included.
Transparency and Efficiency
All IPPSSA students have the right to know how they are being represented; therefore,
maintaining constant communication between the executive and students is essential. If elected, I will increase IPPSSA’s transparency by:
– Promoting our executive meetings online, as they are open to all IPPSSA students;
– Working in collaboration with the VP Finance to ensure our annual budget available to
– Implementing a suggestion box on our website and an open-door policy for office hours.
I will also lead a more organized and efficient executive by:
– Ensuring that our calendars are constantly updated to reflect our events, and events that
interest our students.
– Improving relationships with the School of Political Studies and the Faculty of Social
Sciences, allowing us to plan better events and offer our students more services.

Please go to the FSS Lobby on March 15 th -16 th between 9am – 5pm to #VoteTay4Prez!

VP Internal

Dana-Kaye Matthews

Hey IPPSSA! I’m Dana-Kaye Matthews and I am a first-year Public Administration and
Political Science French Immersion student running to become next year’s VP of
Internal Affairs. I am excited by the opportunity to more directly participate in my
federated body and maximise its efficiency. I am a passionate and reliable worker with
experience on and off campus with my work on the Public Administration Committee,
with Public Service and Procurement Canada and several leadership positions in clubs
and committees over the last few years. My campaign is based on three principles:
● I believe that pertinent information from executive meetings that directly affect
students should be more accessible to improve engagement and accessibility
● The AEEIPPSSA website should include a FAQ section to provide a summary of
the basics of federated body, particularly for incoming students to introduce them
to a concept of a federated body
● I commit to making the office space more inviting,perhaps through snacks, to
encourage direct communication with students
Commitment to bilingualism:
● Bilingualism is of utmost importance to me and to this position
● I will work closely with the director of bilingualism and all other executive
members to promote it
Organised, collaborative approach to internal communication:
● My campaign is built on a promise of continuous improvement to build on the
work of my predecessors
● I want to facilitate a forum for communication and feedback with students
● I want to implement the use of a collaborative document to track the use of office
resources to ensure efficient maintenance
I am a candidate who will do everything in her power to serve students and encourage
continuous improvement. The opportunity to become VP Internal will allow me to
promote better communication, prioritize bilingualism and improve students’ university


I hope you CHOOSE MATTHEWS for VP Internal!

Christina Rideout


  • Develop an open, transparent, accessible and inclusive IPPSSA that addresses the needs of all IPPSSA students:
    • Be knowledgeable about University of Ottawa organizations, clubs, and services (including COOP, academic affairs) to provide students with information or direct them in order to support them in their personal, professional and educational endeavours
    • Ensure all events, meeting notes, and IPPSSA updates are communicated in a clear and timely manner on the IPPSSA website
    • Create more of an online presence for IPPSSA students to interact with.
  • Be a key supportive role for other executive members to aid them with fulfilling their mandates to the best of their ability, in a way that includes all IPPSSA students:
    • Work with the VP Socials’ to create and promote a variety of events that appeal to a larger demographic of students
    • Work with the Year Reps to involve and include the students of their respecting year(s)
    • Work with the Director of Communications to provide accurate and timely bilingual communication with IPPSSA students that keep students up to date and informed on IPPSSA activity
    • Ensure all IPPSSA students feel as if their executive, and their VP Internal, are there for for the benefit of all IPPSSA students
  • Create an IPPSSA office that promotes openness, efficiency and professionalism:
    • Have the executive use their resources and space to its fullest potential by reorganizing the office space and online presence
    • Create a calendar tool for convenient room bookings
    • Provide an open and safe space for all students to feel comfortable visiting
    • Have an open door policy for the IPPSSA office where the executives and myself will always be available to talk to any IPPSSA student

Vote Christina Rideout!

VP Internal Affairs

March 15-16


VP Finance

Emily Lum

My name is Emily Lum and I’m excited to run to be your next VP of Finance. Finances are an important aspect, as it plays a key role in ensuring the functions of this organization run smoothly. If I’m at the helm of the monetary operations I’ll do my best to uphold the integrity of AÉÉIPPSSA‘s finances through:

  • Continued accountability and openness with the financial status of AÉÉIPPSSA with regular financial updates and reports available to the executive and student body to access. Additionally, remaining responsible for how your money is being spent
  • Establishing definitive measures to ensure budgets are maintained and monitored. This encompasses using a zero-based budget, close monitoring of expenditure for events, working tightly with executive members to ensure that budgets are used efficiently, and establishing contingency plans to prepare for possible incidences
  • Working towards creating a sustainable, long-term, healthy financial environment for AÉÉIPPSSA by building a strong monetary foundation through innovative income sources through long term sponsorships and partnerships. While simultaneously continuing with efforts to increase the online functionality of finances with the use of Square and various banking options such credit cards


My experience currently as VP Finance and previously as Treasurer for my sorority has enabled me to understand, through first-hand experience, how to manage large budgets and deadlines. Furthermore, I have recently served as finance director for the Model Parliament committee giving me the skills of understanding the finances of one of this organization’s major events.

In part with my experience in finances, my hard work and dedication will help ensure that the operations of AEEIPPSSA run smoothly and efficiently. Voting is March 15th and 16th, I hope to see you all at the polls!

Jessica Early

My name is Jessica Early, and I’m running to be VP Finance for the 2018-2019 year.

I’m not going to waste time promising that I’ll ‘hand in audits on time,’ or ‘balance the budget – I think that should go without saying. Instead, here are my tangible plans on how I think IPPSSA’s financial situation could be improved:

  • Work towards limiting over-budget events. Putting contingency plans in place, assisting executives in the drafting of event-specific budgets, and having greater oversight over those budgets seems obvious, but it’s something that hasn’t been done in the past. Events frequently go over budget from anywhere between $500 to $2000 – wasted money that could otherwise be avoided.
  • Ensure that competitive Social Sciences Ball funding is maintained, to ensure that IPPSSA receives enough of the proportionally allocated tickets, while working with the incoming VP Socials to find innovative ways to reduce the per-person subsidy of this event.
  • Continue on IPPSSA’s current trajectory towards more online-based transactions by expanding our Square capabilities to include debit card use, as well as looking into getting an IPPSSA debit card.
  • Take measures to increase financial transparency and accountability. Ensuring that the annual budget is on the website is constitutionally the responsibility of the VP Finance, but this wasn’t actually done until I brought it up this month. Continuing with the zero-based budget system and providing executives with budget templates are also measures I will be implementing.

As the current VP Social, I managed a $60K+ budget – experience which I plan on bringing to the role of VP Finance. I know IPPSSA, I know our finances, and I know I can excel in this position. I hope you agree, and that you’ll cast a ballot for me on March 15 & 16.


Yanaminah Thullah

Hi, my name is Yanaminah Thullah and I’m happy to announce my candidacy as VP EIL
International Studies and Modern Languages) in the 2018-2019 IPPSSA elections! EIL tends to be the smaller program in our federated body but I plan to make bigger impact so that we are heard and recognized. I would like to host EIL focused events throughout the year, so we can all meet one another and celebrate what our program has to offer. I’ll also be there to assist with any questions on course selection, program requirements, and ways to maximize your EIL experience! This will be the year EIL stands out in the International, Political, and Policy Studies Student Association!

EILers, now is the time to mobilize and hit the polls to vote on March 15th and 16th and I’ll see you there. Stay tuned for me elections updates and information!


Matthew Boulden

Hey friends in Political Science! I’m running to be your VP POL for IPPSSA next year. If elected, I will be in charge of organizing Model Parliament, standing up for students’ academic rights, and engaging students with the broader political community.


Firstly, after working on the Model Parliament Committee and being Prime Minister, I believe I could organize an incredible Model Parliament next year. I have many ideas to increase francophone representation, make the event more inclusive to first-timers, and bring in high-profile guest speakers. These are my priorities and I am committed to making it happen.


Next, after having been your BOA Social Sciences Representative and running for the SFUO executive VP External position, I have gained the knowledge on how to ensure students’ academic rights and accessibility are being respected. I will work with the administration and the SFUO to ensure students have access to academic support and that students’ rights are upheld.


Lastly, I want to build strong ties with the broader political scene in Ottawa for IPPSSA students. That means bringing political figures and experienced staffers to campus, and most importantly, bringing students to City Hall and Parliament. A large goal of mine includes bringing Federal Party Leaders to campus to speak with students before the next election. We can also engage PoliSci students with the political opportunities on campus. To do this, I want to hold a tabling event with all the political party clubs on campus.

I appreciate you taking the time to read my platform and hope you liked my ideas.  I have confidence that next year will be a great time to be a political science student.


Matthew Boulden

Hannah Anstey



Amen Ben Ahmouda


VP Social Anglo

Helen Cassie

Hello! My name is Helen Cassie and I am a second year student in political science and communication running to be your VP Social Anglo for the upcoming school year. As VP of Internal Affairs for the past year, I believe I have witnessed first hand what it takes to be a social and an an executive member!


Planning 101 week is an integral part of the job as it sets the tone for the university experience of all incoming IPPSSA students. I have seen, and experienced first hand, the importance of integrating first years from the very start through run and engaging 101 week events that appeal to all types of first years.


As social you ensure that connections are made within the IPPSSA community through events that draw people together from across the years. I am also committed to ensuring that the IPPSSA Volunteer Committee is better utilized, and more structured much like the running of PAP or Model Parliament Committee. I believe that IVC has not been used to its utmost potential and I would move that this be changed through assigning them specific tasks and events throughout the year.

Changes in events:

  • IPPSSATalks – students in IPPSSA can do a 10 minute speech on something that is important to know about or a topic close to their hearts.
  • Dry events that are actually fun! (Skyzone, bowling, paint nights, karaoke)
  • Less events held at Junxion (even though Junxion is life)
  • Social events throughout the summer


Even though I am running unopposed I want to ensure that I represent the type of social year you want from your student association! This is why I encourage you to to reach out and ask me anything!


All the best ALWAYS!

Helen Cassie

VP Social Franco

Thomas Fautin

Make 101 week registration more accessible, comprehensive and easy

  • By having clear criteria which define which programs will be participating in 101 week with AÉÉIPPSA
  • By improving the Facebook page


At the time of 101 week, the explanations of activities must be in the two official languages

  • By assuring the presence of bilingual AÉÉIPPSA officials at each event


The presence of visible sign on the shirt of each 101 week guide with the languages they speak, to allow young francophones to feel more comfortable speaking in the language of their choice.

Promote the Political Science Games of the University of Ottawa, since all the participants come from  l’AÉÉIPPSA

  • By the presence of a sign on the shirts of 101 week guides
  • By material and financial support

VP Phil+Activism

Bibi Hakim



Senior Year Rep

Spencer Brickles

I’m very excited to be running for the Senior Rep position in this year’s election. Going into my 4th year as a Political Science Student, I’ve seen the ways IPPSSA brings the best people together to create amazing experiences and opportunities like Professional Development Day and Model Parliament. That’s why I plan to promote stronger engagement for all upper year students, including through new social events of different varieties intended to bring more students together from all social circles.

One of my main priorities would be that all upper year students are the best prepared going into their respective futures, be it post graduate studies or the world of work. That’s why I want to be able to partner with different groups, and VP Academics to organize events such as LSAT workshops with the uOttawa Faculty of Law and Law Society, as well as Masters program seminars from uOttawa and other schools. I’d also hope to organize resumé building, job search and interview workshops as well for those looking for that advice and guidance.

As Senior Rep, one of my biggest responsibilities would be to run the IPPSSA Internship program, where students can apply to volunteer for offices of politicians at the federal and municipal levels. The program has been a huge success, but I believe it can further improved upon to become even more successful. I believe the application process can be streamlined to become less complicated, to make it much easier for those applying. I would also advocate for the creation of an Internship committee to bring together fresh ideas, different connection networks, and to provide valuable committee experience for those who wish to have it.





-Nomination Period: Monday, February 26th to Friday, March 2nd.

-The official list of candidates posted. Sunday, March 4th by 10:00 PM

-Campaign Period: Monday, March 5th at 8 AM to Wednesday March 14th at at 11:59 PM.

-Candidate Platforms Due: Tuesday, March 6th at 5 PM.

-All-candidates’ Debate: March 8th at 7:00 PM, Location: VNR 3075

-Tuesday March 13th at 9:30 AM: List of electoral expenses due.

-Polls open: Thursday March 15th and Friday March 16th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the FSS Foyer.

-Unofficial results at 1848: Friday March 16th at 7:00 pm (subject to change)
-Official results posted: Saturday March 17th.
-Last day to contest election results: Friday, March 23rd.