University can be hard and confusing to navigate. We are happy to help you figure it out! We understand you are first and foremost a student here to study so we have compiled a list of a few handy academic resources that you can consult.

Vice-presidents of Academic Affairs

Did you know that IPPSSA has not one, but three VP Academics? If you have any questions about your program, you can always reach out to your VP Academic. We also have program representatives who would be happy to answer your questions.

  • Political Science: Craig Mutter (
  • Public Administration: Dakota Cherry (
  • International Studies and Modern Languages: Taylor Sullivan(

Program Representatives

Would you like to work in conjunction with the VP academic and represent the student body to profs and the faculty?

IPPSSA is looking for students that would like to sit as Program Representatives on the POL/PAP/EIL program committees. The Program Rep position liaises between the department, professors, and the student association.
The application period is from september 10th to the 22nd.
We are looking for one junior student and senior student for each program.

Apply now here:



Programs & Courses

Are you wondering about what courses you have to take for your program and in what order? Or what other IPPSSA programs you can switch into? The School of Political Studies website has all the information you need, such as suggested course sequences and course calendars, right here.


If you’re hesitating between taking a course or not, we have collected a few course syllabuses that you can consult below to see if you are interested in the learning objectives and course content.
Use (ctrl + F) for ease of navigation.

Find them here.


Do you have a syllabus that you would like to add to the list? Please forward them to


Are you looking for a certain professor’s contact information? If they belong to the School of Political Studies, you will likely find their coordinates here.