Your Executive (2015-2016)

President: Cassandre Mercier

Hi, I’m Cassandre and I’m from La Belle Province of Québec. I’m going into my fourth year in International Studies and Modern Languages (Spanish). This year, I will also be serving as the President of our incredible student association. Let me tell you that we have one extremely motivated and hard working team for the International Policies and Politics Studies Student Association. I hope you are ready for an amazing year, because we have great things planned for you. Welcome to IPPSSA! Contact: 

Vice President Internal: Sebastien Muermann

Hello! I am a 3rd year student in Political Science and Public Administration, and a first-year exec member for IPPSSA, serving in the role as Vice President of Internal Affairs for 2015-2016. As VP Internal, it is my responsibility to ensure a diverse and engaged student body finds the opportunity it wants, and that we collaborate to ensure that campus life is enjoyable. Want to get involved with IPPSSA? Have some new fresh ideas? Let’s talk! Contact:

Vice President Social Anglophone: Iris Wong

I’m Iris, a second year student in Public Administration and Political Science. My role is to ensure a fun eventful year for all IPPSSA students. We have an amazing year ahead, filled with events including 101 week, bar nights, the annual social science ball and much more. Stefan and I are super excited to meet all the new faces joining us this year alongside many familiar returning students. My vision is to see new and old students getting involved with IPPSSA this year! (We’ll make it worth your time, I promise). Contact:

Vice President Social Francophone: Stefan Supplice

Hello my name is Stefan Supplice and I am the Vice President of Social affairs Francophone for our student association. I’m going into my 3rd year in International Studies and Modern Languages. I’m originally from Port-au-Prince, Haiti and I moved to Ottawa back in 2010. My role as the VP Social is to organize our 101 week and various party throughout the year. I am really excited for this upcoming year and all the events our executive has planned. Contact:

Vice President of Political Science (POL): Beth Dodwell

I am heading into my third year of Political Science and History, and I represent political science students by informing them of opportunities through the faculty while providing them with opportunities to learn about politics beyond the classroom. I am excited to plan an amazing Model Parliament with our committee, and working on great events this year. Contact:

Vice President of Public Administration (PAP): Nick Zelizniak

I’m a 2nd year Political Science and Public Administration student. It is my role to represent public administration students academically, and ensure that there is great academic content for them all year offered through IPPSSA. That being said, I have lots of events planned for the year. I’m excited to engage students with public policy through networking events and the annual Public Policy Conference! Contact: 

Vice President of International Studies and Modern Languages (EIL): Dylan Silva

I’m a fourth year student in EIL, majoring in French and Spanish. As the representative for the International Studies and Modern Languages (EIL) program is tasked with conveying the needs of students whose studies can vary within the scope of international relations, cultural studies, and languages. Their duty is to facilitate between these students, the IPPSSA executive, the faculty, and external parties. This year, I hope to fulfill this role by advocating important changes in EIL’s course requirements, along with strengthening the community through culturally and politically focused events. Contact:

Vice President of Activism and Philanthropy: Caylie McKinlay

Hello everyone! My name is Caylie, and I’m the VP Philanthropy and Activism for the IPPSSA executive! My role on the association is to organize philanthropic events for major charities and initiatives – such as Shinerama, Relay for Life, and Movember, as well as organize activism events. I often stand as a mediator on the executive to make sure everything we do is equitable and accessible for our many diverse and wonderful students! I am looking forward to an exciting (read: ambitious) year ahead with fundraisers such as going to the animal shelter, canned food drives, and sustainability initiatives like cleaning up parks! I am excited to address issues like mental health through my position, by developing an awareness week and charity ball to raise funds for local initiatives and services. I cannot wait to see your support this year! Contact:

Vice President of Finance: Adrian Clarke

First Year Representative: Ève Grébert

Hi everyone! My name is Ève and I’m from Vancouver, BC. I’m currently IPPSSA’s first year rep, and I study Political Science and Communications. As first year rep, I’m responsible for representing first year students and making sure their needs are well addressed within IPPSSA. I’m always open to hearing your ideas, so send me an email at or drop by my office hours!

Second Year Representative: Yianni Boosalis

Third Year Representative: Wes Fenwick

Fourth Year Representative: Ethan Elliott

Hey guys, my name is Ethan Elliott and I’m from Peterborough, Ontario. I’m currently IPPSSA’s fourth year rep and am studying Political Science and Law. I represent our senior students, and make sure their needs are taken care of in our student association! I consider myself to be pretty down to earth and I love talking to people so feel free to ask me anything and I’ll try not to chew your ear off. P.S. I’m also a die-hard Leafs fan… Contact:

Director of Communications: Christina Ganotakis

I am a second year Political Science and Communication student, in the Co-op program. In my appointed position, it is my role to help communicate everything and everything IPPSSA to you! From our regular emails to our social media presence, I try to reach students everywhere and engage them with the fed body. I also communicate messages from our partners, other fed bodies, the SFUO, and the administration. Have an idea about a great way to reach students? I would love to talk to you! Contact:

Director of Promotions: Timothy Doan

I am a third-year student in Political Science and Communication in the Co-op program. As such, I am in charge of creating great promotional materials, sweet posters, and any of the logos and designs we are using this year. I am so excited to join the IPPSSA executive for my first year!

Director of Bilingualism : Rachel Moncada

I am a student in my third year of Political Science, with a minor in German language and culture. In my position as the Director of Bilingualism, I assure the quality of French in the association’s communications, and promote bilingualism in IPPSSA. This year is my second in this position, and I am looking forward to focusing on engaging the Francophone student community in our events and association! Contact: