The Executive


Iris Wong


Iris is a 4rth year Joint Honours Political Science and Public Administration student.

As president, Iris ensures that all the executives have what they need to meet all their goals and ensures the smooth functioning of AÉÉIPPSSA’s initiatives. She also acts as a main Faculty liaison for the association and sits on the SFUO presidents round table.


VP Internal Affairs

Helen Cassie 


Helen is a 2nd year Honours Political Science student.

The Vice President of Internal Affairs holds many different roles on the AÉÉIPPSSA Executive, and is a great touch point in the faulty to direct students to people and organizations on campus. The Internal runs the AÉÉIPPSSA office, by coordinating the use of AÉÉIPPSSA resources, and resources external to the association. The internal is also in charge of preparing the agenda for executive meetings, and taking meeting minutes during executive meetings to ensure they are available to our student body.
Room bookings and scheduling go through the Internal, so if you have any questions shoot me a message!


VP Finance

Ben Carrière


Ben is a 4rth year Joint Honours Political Science and Economics student.
His role, simply, is to manage AÉÉIPPSSA’s finances. This includes large tasks like submitting audits to the SFUO and creating the yearly budget, to smaller tasks like signing cheques and depositing cash in our bank account. Ben serves as a resource to other Exec members on financial matters and must always act with the well-being and longevity of the Association in mind.


Vice President of Academic Affairs [VPAA] – International Studies and Modern Languages

Taylor Sullivan


Taylor is a 3rd year International Studies & Modern Languages student.
As VP Academic for EIL, she acts as EIL students’ liaison between their faculty, their student association, and the student. EIL students should come to her with any problems or questions that they may have, whether academically or socially. She’ll do everything she can to help!


VPAA – Political Science

Craig Mutter


Craig is a 4rth year Honours Political Science student.
As VP POL, he has three major responsibilities: planning IPPSSA’s annual US Trip, organizing the university’s Model Parliament, and finally serving as a resource for students in Political Science who have questions or concerns about their studies.


VPAA – Public Administration


Dakota Cherry

is a 2nd year Joint Honours Political Science and Public Administration student.
As the VP of Public Admin., Dakota organizes and facilitates events and opportunities for the students within this program to engage with the leaders in policies and politics of today.


Vice President of Social Affairs (Francophone)

Aidan Neil


Aidan is a 4rth year Joint Honours Communication and Political Science student

“I am the hype man. I get rowdy and I ensure everyone has a sweet time!” Aidan couldn’t live with himself if a first year told him they felt left out or excluded. Upper year students sometimes get involved later, and it is equally important to make them feel welcome. Networking is essential to political life, and this is the first step and best way to meet others in places that can put you in a better position for your career, and that’s the ultimate goal.


VP of Social Affairs (Anglophone)

Jessica Early 


Jessica is a 2nd year Joint Honours Political Science and History student.

As the VP of Social Affairs (Anglo), she works with Aidan Neil, the VP of Social Affairs (Franco), to plan rad social events for IPPSSA students thought the year. A big part of the job is organizing 101 Week, where they plan 20+ events for 300 101ers. If you have any questions, please send an email!

VP of Philanthropic and Activism

Alexis Vanier


Alexis is a 3rd year Joint Honours Public Administration and Political Science (French Immersion) student.
Her role on the executive is to organize both philanthropic and activism events for various causes throughout the school year. This includes Shinerama, Relay for Life and more. Alexis attends Philanthropic Roundtables chaired by the SFUO as well as weekly IPPSSA executive meetings. She also holds weekly office hours in the IPPSSA office.


First Year Representative

Matt Tuckey

Matt Tuckey is a 1st year student.

His role as 1st year rep. Matt also endeavors to engage as much participation from 1st year AÉÉIPSSA students as possible.

Second Year Representative

Anis Piragasanathar

Anispiragas (Anis) Piragasanathar is a 2rd year Joint Honours Communication and Political Science student.

Being 2nd year rep. puts him in charge of AÉÉIPSSA’s intramural teams. Anis also strives for involment and participation from 2nd year AÉÉIPSSA students.



Third Year Representative

Kareena D’silva


Kareena is a 3rd year Honours Political Science student.
As third year rep, Kareena is the direct link from the student body to the executive. This means I prioritize needs and concerns as well as ensuring that our year has more visibility and equal accommodation and guarantee proper representation and a better student life.


Fourth Year Representative

Marcus Mattuci


Marcus is a 4rth year Joint Honours Political Science and Communications student.

Marcus, as fourth year rep, has undertaken the IPPSSA Internship Program, along with showing students next steps after the completion of the undergraduate degree. Speakers will come in each month to discuss everything from Master’s Programs to resume building.


Director of Communications

Charles Hinse-MacCulloch


Charles is a 2nd year Juris Doctor (JD) and Honours in Political Science student.

He’s responsible for coordinating and communicating with the student body. He employs the Website, Social media and all forms of outreach to ensure the events and interests are well promoted. He also sits on the SFUO Communications Round Table.


Director of Bilingualism

William Hinse-MacCulloch


William is a 4rth year Joint Honours in History & Political Science student.

As Director of bilingualism, he is responsible for guaranteeing the bilingualism of all of the association’s documents and releases. He also chairs the Bilingualism Committee which promotes bilingualism through events and partnerships.


Director of Promotions

April Cho


April is a 2nd year Joint Honours Communication and Political Science student.

April’s role is to design all swag materials for the students of AÉÉIPPSSA and produce promotional photography & videography of AÉÉIPPSSA events as well as promote them through content-creation (Facebook covers, posters, mailouts, anything graphic designy) for social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram!