By-Elections 2017-2018



  • First Year Representative 

Matt Tuckey

  • Second Year Representative

Anispiragas Piragasanathar

  • Vice-President of Public Administration

Dakota Cherry

Elections for IPPSSA are right around the corner. If you’re interested in getting involved with us over the 2017-2018 school year, you should consider running!


We are currently holding elections for:

  • First Year Representative
  • Second Year Representative
  • Vice-President of Public Administration
Link to the Constitution (including position task descriptions): 





Here’s a list of all the candidates: Click the names for their platfroms!


Candidates |Candidat.e.s

1st Year Rep| Représentant.e de première année


Joyce Gerges

Lucie Atangana

Matthew Tuckey


2nd Year Rep | Représentant.e de deuxième année

Anispiragas Piragasanathar


Vice President of Public Administration | Vice-président aux affaires académiques (Administration publique)

Dakota Cherry



Nomination period begins on Monday, September 18th and the deadline to hand in the nomination form is September 22nd at 5:00 PM.

During nomination period, you can pick up a nomination form on the IPPSSA office door. You are required to get 15 signatures* from IPPSSA students regardless of what year they are.

Exec Members, other candidates, and students in other programs cannot sign your nomination form.

*It is recommended that you get more than 15 in case there are issues with some signatures. For example, people often sign and they later turn out to be in a different program.

All Candidates Meeting

A mandatory all candidates meeting will be held at the FSS Boardroom (FSS 2033) Saturday, September 23rd at 1:00 PM. This is where rules will be explained.

The official list of candidates will be posted on Sunday, September 24th by 10:00 PM

Election Period

The election period starts on September 24th and ends October 3rd.

You are required to do eight (8) class presentations and must have a professor signature a form proving that you did. A registered volunteer can do a class presentation for you.

All Candidates Debate


Come witness the AÉÉIPPSSA By-election all candidates debate on October 3rd, at FSS 4006, 7:00 PM before you make your vote!

Be informed, be engaged!


Voting takes place on Wednesday October 4th and Thursday October 5th from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM in the FSS Foyer.

No campaigning is allowed during these days but you can remind people to vote.



Unofficial results at 1848: Thursday October 5th at 7:00 pm (subject to change)


Official results posted: Friday October 6th


If you have any questions, please contact Iris Wong at







Hi everyone!
My name is Joyce Gerges, and I would like to represent our class in the IPPSSA executive committee this year!
I am beyond thrilled to have met some of you during frosh and the past few weeks, and look forward to making lasting bonds with more of you. That said, I know how easy it can be to feel isolated or out of loop. There are tons of initiatives run by our school and student body, and so as first year rep I would love to make sure everyone stays in the know of these opportunities. I would also love to create more events and resources to help integrate us better into our faculty and make uOttawa feel even more like home.
I encourage every student to come out to vote October 4th-5th as well, and I look forward to meeting
more of you!
Here’s to a great year!



My name is Lucie Atangana, and I am currently running to be AÉÉIPPSSA’s first year representative !

As first year rep, I want to present all first years with inclusive and fun opportunities that would not only further their academic and professional careers, but allow students to discover the extent of their fields of interest and of study. While as a first year, it can be difficult to feel involved in university life, I intend to insure that through AÉÉIPPSSA, all students thrive, participate and enjoy their time at uOttawa.
To do so, I wish to organize events that will facilitate all first years to adapt to their environment, whether it be to the academic pace, to helping students discover career options in their field of study or even to introduce students to Ottawa and its social life. More specifically, examples of opportunities I would like to organize range from professor meet-and- greets, seminars, program-specific studying sessions, introducing internship opportunities, networking events, job fairs, events with upper year students, faculty mixers and even tours of Ottawa’s best local spots!
Furthermore, previous experiences as student government president, vice-president, student federation representative and school board participation committee representative, have left me with skills that could be valuable to this position. I’ve developed extensive public speaking, time management and team work skills and can provide assistance to students in French, English and

Hello fellow students and peers!

My name is Matthew Tuckey, I am a first-year Political Science and
Economics student from Calgary, Alberta. I am excited and proud to be announcing my candidacy for the AÉÉIPPSSA First Year Representative position. Throughout the past few weeks I have worked to be as involved as possible in campus and club events. When meeting members and volunteers of AÉÉIPPSSA, I have encountered nothing but kindness and responsibility. The organization as whole has been very friendly. I would like to contribute and be a part of the community that has welcomed me to Ottawa with open arms.
After meeting so many new students, both older and younger, I am confident that I will fairly and diligently represent all first-year students in AÉÉIPPSSA. In addition, I am ready to dedicate myself to the position and to work earnestly to accomplish all of my tasks and goals as a representative for my year.
If I were elected, my main objective as a representative would be to ensure that all my fellow students are properly integrated into AÉÉIPPSSA and to make sure everyone feels comfortable in the community.
In particular, I would like to achieve more interaction between first year students and those from later years. In my personal experience, being connected to those who have experience in the same program at university is incredibly important for success, whether it be academically, socially, or professionally.
To help make this happen, I will work with rest of the Executive to plan academic and social events to get students involved and networking.
I look forward to meeting everyone throughout the rest of this year and I wish you all luck in the next two semesters!