2016 By-elections

Election Results:

First Year Rep:

  1. Ross Halfyard – 36 (81.8% of votes)
  2. Bibi Hakim – 8 (18.2% of votes)

Second Year Rep:

  1. Taylor Sullivan – 26 after 2nd round (52%), 25 in first round (50%)
  2. Amen Ben Ahmouda – 21 after 2nd (42%), 20 in first (40%)
  3. Natou Barry – 5 in first round (10%)
    * 3 spoiled ballots after 2nd round


  1. First Year Rep
  2. Second Year Rep

General Information

Are you in first or second year? We are looking for our next 1st and 2nd year reps!


Nomination period begins on Wednesday, September 21st and the deadline to hand in nomination form is at 5pm on Friday, September 23rd. During nomination period, you can pick up a nomination form on the IPPSSA office door. You are required to get 15 signatures* from IPPSSA students regardless of what year they are. Exec Members, other candidates, and students in other programs cannot sign your nomination form.

*It is recommended that you get more than 15 in case there are issues with some signatures. For example, people often sign and they later turn out to be in a different program.

All Candidates Meeting

There mandatory all candidates meeting will be held on September 25th. This is where rules will be explained.

Election Period

The election period starts on September 26th. You are required to do eight (8) class presentations and must have a professor signature a form proving that you did. A registered volunteer can do a class presentation for you.

All Candidates Debate

The all candidates debate will take place on September 29th at 7pm.


Voting takes place on October 5th and 6th. No campaigning is allowed during these days but you can remind people to vote.


Results will be announced the night of the 6th at 1848.

If you have any questions, please contact Matt Don Trapp at president@aeeippssa.ca.